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International Relation

International Relation

Professors and academicians and management development programs organized by EIILM.

Prof. Richard D’Aveni -- Prof. of Strategic Management, Amos Tuck School, Dartmouth, USA was invited in the convocation program. He delivered a lecture on “strategic Thinking in a Hyper Competitive Global World”.

Prof. Paul Argenti -- Prof. of Management and Corporate Communications, Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth University, USA, visited and lectured at EIILM on ‘Mesasuring the Impact of Communication on Business Outcomes.’

Prof. Argenti has provided management and corporate communication consulting and training for corporates which includes Goldman Sachs, Sony, and Martha Stewartt. His most recent books include ‘The Power of Corporate Communication‘, Which was published by McGraw Hill ,The fast forward MBA Pocket Reference from Wiley .He is the author of the text book ‘Corporate Communication s’. He is the Associate Editor of Corporate Communication Review. He also participated in the seminar on Business Communication organized by EIILM.

Prof. Mary Munter -- Prof. Of management Communication, Amos Tuck School of Business ,Dartmouth, USA. She was the member of the Editorial Board of Business Communication ,Management Communication Quarterly. Presently she is on the editorial Board of Business Communication Quarterly. She taught EILLM students the art of Personal Communication.

Prof. Hideki Esho -- Prof . of Development Economics, Hosei University, Japan. Prof. Hideki’s Doctoral dissertation was on the India’s Economic Development. He is the chairperson of Japanese country ODA plan for India. He was the Lecturer of Indian Economic study at Tokyo institute. He has published a no. of books on Economic Development. Some of them are on Indian Economy, History and culture of India Japan relationship, Prof. Hideki delivered a lecture on Economic Relationship. Between India and Japan in the seminar on India-Japan relationship organized jointly by EIILM and Consulate General of Japan, Kolkata.

Mitsuo Takamatsu : Senior Consul, consulate general of Japan, Kolkata, Govt. of Japan and Tsuyoshi Fukya, Vice – Consul, Consulate general of Japan, Kolkata Govt. of Japan ,participated in the Management organized by EIILM for the Middle & Senior level executive of the Standard Chartered Bank.

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