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Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

Management Games

EIILM offers a blend of serious learning and timely fun to make a perfect blend of the brains and mind. This makes the learning process complete. Good blend of skill and values has been emphasized in MBA course.EIILM has got long association with the All India Management association. AIMA’s National Management Game (NMG) and Student Management Game (SMG) for the entire Eastern India are held at EIILM. National Management Games are usually participated by Executives of top ranking companies located in the East. The student management game is participated by students from a large number of B-Schools, including the leading ones. EIILM students have given active support in hosting AIMA Management Games. Apart from these, EIILM students participate in large numbers in the quiz and case competitions organized by Calcutta Management Association and IIMs.


The Institute arranges sports events like Athletics, Football, Cricket, Volleyball, and Basketball once in a year, which involve the overall participation of all students and staffs. Various in-house activities of National stature like debatable discussions, Management Games and Creative Exhibitions are also organized. The Institute utilizes the opportunity to discover the latent talents within each pupil exclusive of their traditional routine.


The word Ikebana stands for the Japanese art of formal flower arrangement with special regard shown to balance, harmony and form. The purpose of organizing Ikebana is two folded. It is being organized to strengthen Institute-Corporate relation and to encourage our students for active participation in different cultural activities .The events are organized to give impetus to the students for various kinds of exposures they will need in future. The synergies generated and integrated together through this event will be the source of inspiration for our future course of action. Last but not the least it adds a new dimension and a finishing touch to personalities of the students.

Usually Ikebana is of three days duration and involves participation of various students from all the eminent Colleges and B-schools

The events are


  1. Prodigy – Quiz
  2. The Big Fight – Debate
  3. Dhoom Pichak Dhoom – Antakshari
  4. Ad Mad – Sell Your Product
  5. X’Pression – Dumb Charade
  6. Match the Beat – Choreography
  7. Rhythm Divine – Eastern/Western Solo Singing
  8. Haute Couture – Fashion Show
  9. Mix ‘n’ Make – Collage Competition
  10. I’m Alive – Cartoon Competition
  11. Chart the Art – Graffiti Challenge


The Inter College events like Quiz, Debate, Dumb Charade, Graphiti, Cartoon Competition which apart from being challenging is definitely invigorating and enjoyable to the students. The competitive events like Match the Beat, Antakshari definitely provide a platform to unleash the hidden qualities within the students. All the inter college events are judged by eminent personalities and there are in house performances also which add glamour to the entire fest. Finally the electrifying performance of the most happening band/artists adds a unique flavor to the Fest. In organizing the events we get active support and cooperation of eminent corporate houses.

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