The Campus

Today, students are empowered with social awareness and the knowledge of the importance of choice. For this reason, our institute has designed itself assimilating the emerging trends and the modern technology required in today’s world.

Institute grounds

EIILM- Kolkata is conveniently located at Salt Lake City, Sector-V, with easy accessibility to public transportation systems. The campus is being designed as a fully integrated facility. The institute is equipped with multiple state of the art specialized labs for each course, with modern software, multimedia, internet and other facilities. The institute provides excellent infrastructure backed by cutting edge technology with an updated library and excellent faculty members.


All students are expected to use computers in their day to day study. Students have free access to the computing lab. They are also provided access to a wide range of facilities including documentation, advice and training on supported software. These facilities are an integral part of the curriculum.


The Knowledge Resource Centre reflects the teaching and learning commitments of the Institute. In addition to books, the students are also provided with current journals, magazines, booklets.The librarian is always available to provide information and guidance. Since higher education is at the threshold of a momentous digital shift, the Institute has made all the reference materials available in the digital format.


EIILM-Kolkata provides well-secured and comfortable accommodation facilities to its students. The institute has evolved a system to provide lodging and boarding facilities through professional catering and active participation of residents.

All outstation students are provided guaranteed accommodation on the basis of their confirmed request. Separate accommodation is provided for boys and girls. Security of our students is our primary concern. Hence, guards from reputed security agencies are employed at the hostels. Utmost care is taken by the hostel authorities to maintain discipline within the hostel premises. Immediate arrangements are done in case of any medical emergency.


EIILM- Kolkata has its own Food & Beverage service lab with 1 basic and advanced training restaurant with bar. Our Food & Beverage lab is equipped with all the amenities which assist the students during their practical classes.

Special BARTENDING classes are organised at our Food & Beverage service lab on specific days of the week. Best bartenders of Kolkata honour us with their presence as they teach the students famous cocktails, mock tails, flaring, juggling, flipping, manipulating flaming liquors or even performing bar-magic. The ideas behind mixology with the application of working flair are also taught by them. FOOD PRODUCTION LAB

Cooking is a mixture of art and science. To be an artist in the kitchen an individual must have a progressive mind-set, with the foundational techniques mastered to perfection.

EIILM- Kolkata is there to give the students that boost in Food production lab. The Lab is designed in such a way that each student of a class can practice individually. We have a basic training kitchen, an advanced training kitchen, patisserie and confectionary and larder department. All kinds of basic tools and equipment required to master the craft are present in the Lab.

Intra-College Chef competitions amongst students are organised every month to motivate and encourage them.


The housekeeping lab is equipped with the most modern equipment like the wet and dry vacuum cleaner, washing machine, steam press and maid's trolley. Cleaning agents and their uses are taught to the students. The Housekeeping lab has a model guest room i.e. Suite room where the students can do their practical training.

On a monthly basis competitions are held on bed making, room making, towel folds, cleaning agents and their uses, flower arrangements, room decoration for special occasions like Christmas, New Year, Birthday party, marriage ceremony.


Our Front office lab is well equipped with all modern accessories ranging from Front desk, telephone, hands free reservation, Whitney rack, Bell desk, Travel desk, Guest relation executive desk, to Computer terminals with IDS Property Management software.


EIILM- KOLKATA has a modern common room where the students can bond with each other, relax and unwind. It has a table tennis board, carrom board, a chess-board and also a Television set for News and Travel & Hospitality Channels.

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