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Highlights of speech delivered by Honorable VC of MAKAUT in a National seminar held at the Waterloo Campus of EIILM-KOLKATA.

Prof. (Dr.) Saikat Maitra

Motivation towards Fulfilling Individual Aspirations: Education and Corporate Context”

Modern management now is more spiritual driven. Right from the dawn of human civilization, humans believed that to survive one had to be physically strong. Then it was realized that intelligence quotient was required to achieve goals in life. Later, it was observed that everything human beings did had to be connected with the heart and hence came the emotional quotient. Further, it was realized that it was not sufficient for the individuals alone to grow, but the community as a whole had to develop, which is the spiritual quotient aspect, essential for the development of human civilization and for the human race to survive.

We are now heading towards technology revolution. The future is connected with three buzz words- automation, digitalization and analytics. Already automation has reduced the number of employees in an organization. Robots will take over many jobs, from data analysis to diagnostic tools and treatments from long distances and even perform specialized robotic surgery with equal precision. So, our role as humans will be reduced to only cognitive intelligence. Our interpersonal relation, communication skills, soft skills and our spiritual ability will be the survival tools for the human race.

Institutes of higher learning should teach students how to introspect into themselves by doing their SWOT analysis so that they can work in a cooperative manner. Also, project works assigned to the students should have real-life applications like the project initiated by MAKAUT on “Success Stories of Unknown Indians” so that they can contribute to the growth of the society. Finally, we should look into how best we have served the purpose of our existence and contribute to the growth of everything in our surrounding. This is motivation and we should make the best utilization of every single day in hand. Classroom lectures are itself not enough and students should be involved in the learning process and this is possible by group project assignments and application only. Problems are in plenty and resources are in abundance. What is lacking is the management skill in us. If we have to keep our mark in whatever we do we should draw our inspiration from Swami Vivekananda to be determined, motivated, sincere, and serious and continuously assess our performance to achieve excellence.

Honorable Vice-Chancellor, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT), Govt. of West Bengal

Speech by Chairman and Director, EIILM- Kolkata.

Prof. (Dr.) R. P. Banerjee

This has been the age old call given by the ancient Indian sages, wishing the good health and happiness of everyone in the world. We echo the same for the current world to take global agenda forward.

Career of an individual starts with the contents and attainments of the personality at the point of considering any move upward or forward in the personal life. The philosophy on the basis of which science and technology has advanced so far has been, ‘Me First, Others Next’. India’s message to the world was, ‘Not Me, But Thou’. The philosophy of the Western scientific and technological civilization has been based on the principle of ‘Cogito Ergo Sum’⎯ I think, therefore I am. This clearly talks about individual’s selfish consideration primarily capturing the mind space and motivating the person in accordance. The Indian spirit, on the other hand has focused on the philosophy of collective consciousness, collating the minds together to perform the world’s agenda collectively. This sharp difference between the attitude of the West and India highlights the quest for future pathways of human society. An integrated process of learning, thus shall find ways to unfold the intrinsic potentials of individual human being.

Modernism has paved the ways to create career opportunity through various ways and means. Whereas, the traditional path of journey in a career has its own longstanding contributions, the new areas of growth and opportunities have its own charm, attraction, and possibility in the world.

The world has been continuously and constantly chasing for fresh and new blending of things with the longstanding attributes and ingredients of life. In short, a blend of India’s ancient wisdom with latest and post-modern inputs of science and technology has a strength to shape the things of life during the current period and in future. It is in this context, the emergence of the most formidable, dependable, wisdom-centric package of knowledge blended with latest knowhow, knowledge, technological expertise and market driven inputs are absolutely essential for making the profile of a future leader of the corporate world. The Institute, Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management (EIILM), Kolkata represents that unique integration in the academics, practice and making of career from its campus. The Off-Campus uniqueness of continuously modernising and upgrading the contents of knowledge provides a uniqueness to the Institute and with its blend of existing content of wisdom, it has the unique capacity to infuse the same blend in the career of the participating students.

Three pillars of excellence are at hand of the Institute. Each of which is unique in depth, spread and power to enlighten a student towards creating a competitive advantage in his or her career after the completion of the curriculum. The expert team to analyse through a process of psychological counselling the contents and positions and profile of a person at the time of induction; the high expertise of the core team of regular fulltime highly educated and experienced teachers imparting knowledge on formal and informal note and the continuous and involved guidance by the teacher-mentor helps and handholds a young mind to become a winning personality in the world of work.

Through this process of learning and experiencing the student gets groomed into a corporate personality to face the world of work or the world of learning as the choice occurs to be. Come and experience yourself this uniqueness of EIILM-Kolkata. Wishing you a good luck and thanks.

Chairman & Director, EIILM Kolkata, Former Professor of IIMC, Visiting Professor of USA, Europian, and Indian Universities, Ex-Vice President of IAAER, USA

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